Windows 11 optional update: Why it’s better to wait!
Windows 11 optional update Why it’s better to wait
June 12, 2024

I’m Lewis, the director of Shepherd IT. I had a passion for technology since I was a young boy, I excelled in IT and computer science at college and started my career as a technology analyst helping people with their businesses IT problems.

Microsoft has now unveiled a new opportunity for customers to test new features in Windows 11 before they go widespread.

This isn’t about security fixes, which everyone gets at the same time.

This is an opportunity for businesses to be first in queue to receive new features and improvements.

Doesn’t that seem exciting?


Worth the risk?

Not quite.

Our advice?

Patience is a virtue!

Sure, it’s tempting to succumb to the enticing idea of new features… Nobody enjoys waiting. However, joining any trial phase comes with hazards.

Bugs, failures, and other roadblocks may have a big influence on your operations, potentially producing havoc in your daily workflow.

Waiting until features have gone through a thorough trial process allows you to benefit from other people’s experience. They’ve already dealt with the challenges, so the new features will be polished and dependable by the time you get them. Isn’t that more vital for the smooth operation of your company?

Trust us when we say that the safe route is the smart route, especially when it comes to your business systems. The advantages of being an early adopter may appear appealing, but you don’t want to be the guinea pig.

Remember the old saying… Those that wait will be rewarded!

We’re all for staying up to current on the latest technology and software updates, but there are occasions when you should be cautious, and this is one of them. Don’t be swayed by the flashy new features.

⦁ Be patient
⦁ Stay safe
⦁ And ensure that when the time comes, you’re getting something that’s proven to work

Microsoft already has a lot of (tested and approved) features that can boost productivity and make your work processes smoother. We spend a lot of time helping businesses find the right ones for them. If we can do the same for you, get in touch.