The new Wi-Fi 7. Is it worth the investment?
Is Wi-Fi 7 worth the investment Article Image
July 21, 2024

I’m Lewis, the director of Shepherd IT. I had a passion for technology since I was a young boy, I excelled in IT and computer science at college and started my career as a technology analyst helping people with their businesses IT problems.

You understand that staying ahead of the technology curve is critical for any organisations operating in a highly competitive industry. Wi-Fi 7, the latest generation of wireless connections, was one of the innovations introduced earlier this year.

But what precisely does it provide, and is it a worthwhile investment for your business?


  • Lightning-fast speeds: No more buffering and lagging. Wi-Fi 7 brings blazing-fast speeds to keep your business running smoothly.


  • Rock-solid connections: Forget all about dropped calls or lost connections. Wi-Fi 7 ensures reliable performance, even in busy environments.


  • Futureproofing: Wi-Fi 7 is built to handle the demands of tomorrow’s tech. It’s future-proofing your business’s internet.


Now, the million-dollar question: should you upgrade to Wi-Fi 7? Well, it depends. While Wi-Fi 7 has several great features, it can be expensive to update.

The first expenditure includes the cost of next-generation routers capable of supporting Wi-Fi 7, which can range from hundreds to thousands. There may also be continuous operational fees, particularly if you lease routers from internet service providers.

If you’re not ready to dive into Wi-Fi 7 just yet, that’s ok. There are plenty of other ways to improve your business’s existing Wi-Fi. From optimising your current set-up to adding extenders or mesh networks, there are options to fit every budget.


We’re all about making sure you find the perfect tech solutions for your business to keep you and your team happy. If you’d like to go through your options, get in touch.