New! A better way to find Chrome extensions
New! A better way to find Chrome extensions
June 12, 2024

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If you use Google Chrome, you’ll love this. Google has just rolled out a game-changing update that’s going to make your browser more powerful than ever.

It’s the revamped Chrome Web Store, featuring a fresh design and exciting new features.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve definitely spent more time than you’d want to confess browsing through the Chrome Web Store in search of the perfect extensions for your browser. The days of tedious scrolling and seeking for that elusive add-on are now finished.

To begin, they’ve included new categories to help you locate what you’re looking for faster. There’s a category for you whether you’re shopping, seeking for productivity tools, or simply looking for some amusement. The icing on the cake? AI-powered extensions now have their own section.

These AI-powered additions should not be taken lightly. Many of them incorporate well-known chatbots as well as some of the greatest ChatGPT extensions available. Consider having your own personal assistant right in your browser, ready to answer questions, provide recommendations, and help with a variety of activities.

It doesn’t end there. Google has also added a’suggested extensions’ area, which customizes recommendations based on what you’ve previously downloaded.

There’s a ‘Editors’ spotlight’ section that promises to highlight up-and-coming extensions you might have missed otherwise.

The Chrome Web Store has gotten even easier to use. The search box has been relocated to the top-right corner of the screen, and Google’s capabilities have been expanded. You may filter by all goods or focus on featured extensions and themes, making it simple to locate what you’re looking for.

The Extensions tab, located in the top-left corner, allows you to delve further into browser add-ons. Do you want to change the look of Chrome? Simply go to the Themes tab. Customization has never been easier.

While this new Chrome Web Store update is undoubtedly exciting, let’s not forget about the importance of staying vigilant when it comes to browser security. Here are a few reminders:

1. Monitor downloads to make sure they’re safe and relevant

2. Never download extensions from third-party websites

3. Make sure everyone in your business is aware of and follows the correct security measures.

4. Regularly update Chrome and your extensions, and educate your team about the importance of strong passwords and safe browsing practices.

If you’d like help finding even more productivity-boosting tools for your business, get in touch.