Here’s what’s in store for the last ever Windows ‘Moments’ update
Here’s what’s in store for the last ever Windows ‘Moments’ update Article Image
June 12, 2024

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“Moment 5” is coming! Or the “February 24 Moment”. What is this, you may ask? This is the latest update Microsoft is going to release for Windows 11. In the next few weeks, this update is expected to roll out and you will definitely notice the changes.

After this update, you should know that Microsoft is going back to it’s roots with annual updates for Windows 11.

What does this mean for you?

More stability and less major overhauls to your operating system, isn’t that great? It’s time to bid farewell to those frequent “moment” updates and embrace a more predictable schedule.

Let’s move on to what “Moment 5” has in store for you…

One of the standout features of this update is the enhancement of Windows 11’s built-in accessibility features. Microsoft is improving the user experience for those who rely on these.

The voice access will now support multiple monitors and additional languages. Introducing “voice shortcuts” for voice activated custom commands.

A notable change is the new ability to write directly into text boxes using a stylus across the operating system. This feature streamlines the use of digital pens, eliminating the need for a dedicated handwriting panel.

I’m not sure about you, but the in-box apps like Edge, Camera, and Photos can be a little irritating as you can’t uninstall them. Microsoft is now making the in-box apps like Edge, Camera, and Photos uninstallable!!

Microsoft is also making the Windows Search pane more flexible. This update allows third-party search providers like Google or Yahoo to create plugins for the Windows Search pane. So, if you prefer another search engine over Bing (and let’s face it, many of us do), you’ll have the option to switch.

The Nearby Share feature gets a boost with “friendly name” support. You can give your PC a more readable name, making file sharing more user-friendly. Additionally, Windows Spotlight, which displays Bing’s background of the day, will become the default wallpaper setting. A great way to make your PC more homely.

Copilot is getting better. It can now be “undocked,” making it more versatile and accessible. You’ll also find the Copilot interface in the Windows ALT+TAB menu for quick and easy access.

If you use the Widgets Board, you are in luck. You’ll now be able to disable that annoying Microsoft News integration, allowing for a widget-only layout if you prefer not to have news headlines in your Widgets Board. Plus, third-party news services can build plugins to integrate with the Widgets Board, providing more options for you.

Notepad will include a character count feature and an “Edit with Notepad” shortcut in context menus for select file types.

Wow, what a cool set of new features to personalize your PC- “Moment 5” brings a host of improvements and enhancements to Windows 11, making it more accessible, user-friendly, and versatile.

For Businesses, these updates can improve productivity and streamline workflows for you and your team. If you haven’t already made the move to Windows 11, now’s the time! We can help you with that – get in touch.