Here’s how cyber criminals try to hack your accounts while you sleep 💤
May 21, 2024

I’m Lewis, the director of Shepherd IT. I had a passion for technology since I was a young boy, I excelled in IT and computer science at college and started my career as a technology analyst helping people with their businesses IT problems.

Have you ever felt frustrated by the flood of notifications from your multi-factor authentication (MFA) app?

Well, cyber criminals have too. And they’re taking advantage of “MFA fatigue” to try to gain access to your sensitive business data.

MFA is critical for keeping your data safe. It protects your apps and accounts by requiring you to authenticate your identity in two or more ways, such as a password and a code sent to your phone.

The frequent alerts, on the other hand, can be overwhelming.

Attackers are aware of this and will constantly flood employees with MFA notifications, even in the middle of the night. This increases the likelihood that someone will authenticate a login attempt out of frustration, exhaustion, or simply to stop the notifications.

However, there is now a new weapon in the fight against MFA fatigue.

Microsoft Authenticator now uses number matching to ensure that your MFA message is from the proper login attempt, preventing cyber criminals from using notification fatigue.

What is the procedure for number matching?

When you receive an MFA notice, the app will display a number that is generated at random. You must then provide this number to validate the login attempt and demonstrate that you are not a cyber criminal attempting to access your company’s data.

That isn’t everything. Microsoft Authenticator also supports biometric authentication, which means you may authenticate your identity and combat the potential of MFA fatigue attacks by using your face, fingerprint, or other unique physical features.

With these security measures in place, your company can stay ahead of cyber attackers and keep sensitive data safer.

Number matching is already available if you use Microsoft Authenticator. Simply ensure that your app is up to date, and you’ll be safe.

If you use another MFA system and want to look at how to make your security better or easier, we can help. Get in touch.