Can your business go green by switching to the cloud?
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June 12, 2024

I’m Lewis, the director of Shepherd IT. I had a passion for technology since I was a young boy, I excelled in IT and computer science at college and started my career as a technology analyst helping people with their businesses IT problems.

Cloud computing has quickly become a popular option for businesses that want to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and become more flexible.

But are you swayed by the idea that cloud services are automatically better for the environment? Could the need to do your bit ‘cloud’ your decision-making?

Sorry. Bad pun!

It is true that cloud services have environmental advantages over using your own servers. These benefits include lower energy use and a lower carbon footprint.

However, you should not consider the cloud to be a “green solution” until you fully comprehend the environmental implications. The location of the data centres where servers are kept is one factor to consider while adopting cloud services. Some providers have pledged to use renewable energy, but this is not a guarantee. It is critical to conduct research and select a supplier that uses renewable energy and energy storage whenever possible.

Other than environmental sustainability, there are other advantages of transitioning to the cloud. They include increased data security, collaboration ease, and scalability as your company grows.

Data backup and recovery is another significant benefit of cloud computing.

The risk of data loss due to equipment failure, damage, or theft is almost reduced when all of your data is kept on the cloud. It implies that in the event of an unforeseen tragedy, such as a fire or natural disaster, you can be confident that your data is safe and can be restored swiftly.

Cloud computing also facilitates greater collaboration and communication, allowing your staff to collaborate more readily and efficiently, regardless of where they work. When compared to maintaining traditional on-site systems, this can boost production while decreasing expenses.

Finally, cloud services offer greater scalability as you expand, with the flexibility to scale up storage and processing power as needed.

Can you understand how significant the advantages of cloud computing are? That is why many businesses have already abandoned their servers.

Contact us if you’re thinking about migrating; we’ll walk you through the steps and explain what occurs when.